Strength in Numbers

A ‘new kid on the block’ isn’t too far wrong… One Global only came to be in October 2022 but since then the strides it has made have been huge.

Getting name-checked in Business Travel Magazine’s feature, ‘Strength In Numbers’, focusing on how small and medium TMCs can position themselves as viable alternatives to the ‘megas’, just shows how far the One Global community has come in less than two years.

It says the market is increasingly dominated by a handful of players, where small and mid-market TMCs continue to seek solace by banding together as members of consortia or alliances.

Our Head of Global Sales, Ewan Kassir, was quoted in the piece and said: “We’ve had a lot of interest from TMCs who want to join One Global.

“Those that have come on board have been handpicked after plenty of due diligence.

“When you have a mega-deal such as the Amex GBT purchase of CWT, it makes the whole market sit up.

“But it presents plenty of opportunity because there are so many accounts out there valued at $10m-$50m that don’t want to be handled by a huge giant.”

You can read the full piece here: