Our Tech Suite

How do we get you the support you need, where and when you need it?

We combine industry-leading technology with local expertise and a global reach.

One Reporting

A global view with all market data consolidated in one place, at the buyer’s fingertips and driving analytics for account managers.

A One Global built solution, powered by Microsoft Reporting Services, Thoughtspot and Digital Hive. 24/7 access to consolidated, global data, from all markets and easily managed via our in-depth online management tool – One Reporting.

  • All global data consolidated in one location
  • Customisable dashboards and analytics (depending on level of access)
  • Delivers not only financial data but CO2 and behaviour insights
  • Access to a number of self-service reports, enabling the tracking of travel spend, activity, locations and more
  • Used by account management for analytics and review meetings
  • Export data in HTML, PDF, CSV and XLS formats to dissect and present the data outside of the tool
  • Simple data queuing process without the need to reformat PNRs
  • Familiar data handoff as standard
  • Already working across multiple markets
  • Simple global standard data template

One Mobile

One Mobile is a global solution allowing for consistency of service for global clients.

The greatest travel companion, this business traveller-focused app designed to eliminate time and hassle as you travel while providing itineraries, travel information and so much more all in the palm of your hand.

  • Module based so can be configured for different tier levels in accordance with pricing structure
  • Easy customisation within our control
  • Information for travellers on the go, no need to log into a desktop solution/portal
  • Private labelled, TMC/Partnership brand look & feel

One Profile

A single source of the truth, delivering greater accuracy and global efficiency.

Managed by One Global and powered by Umbrella Faces, this global tool delivers profile consistency with everything in one place.

  • Simple to manage profile changes
  • 2-way live sync with multiple systems
  • Integrated with all 3 major GDS providers
  • Integrated with Concur 
  • Central point for global HR feeds to sync traveller profiles to the relevant partner TMC
  • Secure – certified ISO 27001 – and PCI-DSS compliant 
  • Greater policy control globally

One Tracker

24/7 access to consolidated, global data, from all markets.

Owned and developed by One Global, our traveller tracking technology tracks the location of individual traveller bookings while including current risk levels and incident reports.

  • Fully customizable to meet the requirements of multinational customers
  • One Global in-house product
  • Flexible integration of new APIs i.e., risk intelligence, sustainability, health providers

One Tech

Powered by SAP Concur, One Tech integrates with Umbrella Faces and feeds into global reporting and duty of care platforms. A global solution for all to utilise.

Best in market:

  • In market user experience
  • Local market content and special rates
  • Built for market nuances
  • Local currency
  • Local language
  • Local billing
  • In market technical support


  • Global solutions for all clients
  • One user experience
  • Elite Concur Partner Status
  • Available in 28 languages
  • Local currency and billing capabilities
  • Mobile booking functionality