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Who is One Global?

One Global is a company owned by both World Travel, Inc. (WTI) and Clarity and
is a community of world leading TMC’s, who have partnered to provide true, global travel management services to SME’s and emerging global businesses through local expertise, best in market reputations and global technologies.

What is the ownership structure of One Global?

One Global is a joint venture owned 50/50 by both World Travel, Inc. and Clarity Travel Management.

Why did Clarity and World Travel, Inc. decide to create the JV – One Global

For many years TMC’s have been adapting their offering to meet the needs of
global customers and created various types of network models, however, clients are wanting and needing true global solutions and there has always been gaps around

1) Global technologies

2) Globally consistent servicing

3) Something different to the model the mega agencies offer.

With Covid really turning our industry upside down, for many TMC’s around the world, the focus continues to be on recovery and rightly so. For both WTI and Clarity who have been part of various networks in the past, it presented an opportunity to create a global community consisting of best in market TMC’s, who share our values, with true global technologies and servicing solutions, which is what clients both expect and need.

Importantly, the creation of One Global provides both Clarity and WTI with the ability to retain more business, when our existing clients expand into other markets as well as win new business.

How is One Global different from other TMC’s and Networks?

Mega TMC’s and Networks that cover multiple markets are very rigid in their
approach, forcing clients to conform to their specific service models and technologies. One Global is entirely different and built to offer greater flexibility and depth than the rest of the global players. Our focus is being consistent where it matters and different where needed.

Consistent where it matters:

  • One Reporting – Global data consolidation
  • One Duty of Care – Global Duty of Care
  • One Mobile – Shared experience mobile App
  • One Profile – Global Profile solution
  • One Portal – global traveller portal
  • Global SLA’s
  • Global Account Management
  • Global Contract Management

Different where it counts:

  • Best in market booking technology
  • Local market expertise and support
  • Local language
  • Local billing


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